Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Fantage Accounts!

LOL i went to a bff tryouts and
some one said that i should have wings
becuase im called an angelkitty
xDD and then i was like huh??
and yeah i dont know what she was
talking about and i just replied by
saying '' No, i have no wings,but real angels has wings ''
xDD itz soo funny and the host came back
HAHA i was rolling off my chair!!
nah just jk kk for the next imma non now!! wahh but at least
i still had ecoin items xDD for memebrs that i can keep forever!!
YAY! okaii so just listen to my another account story hee hee

she's my non yeah my mom promised me
for a member when my brithday
so now imma getting it soon!
but not as that as i think so
cuz my birthday was on 27 aug
and i know its pretty long and yeah so now
im hoping for a brithday date exchage
xDD if u dont know what that means im sorry then
for using that word xDD idk too
but anywayz just let me tell you that
the story of her is nothing i just went on to fashion shows and like that
xDD so i went to 3 fashion shows
and i lost really badly on the last fashion show
i llost on round 2
but for the 1st and 2nd i won to the 3rd round!
i was soo happy but just becuase of one tiny teenny
point i lost xDD i know its still alot but idc
i dont like to lose u see.....
well but for some resons i dont know why
im always like that i will get angryy rwahhh!!
xDD and i will posting more about it next time!!

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